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We welcome you to the Russian Blue Cattery website of CoreBlue*PL.


Together with my husband, we run a cozy home cattery, registered in the Polish Feline Association (PZF). The idea of establishing our own cattery was finalized with its registration in July 2017.


Taking care of Russian Blue Cats is our true passion rising from love and admiration for these mysterious and dignified animals. Below you can find the characteristics of our favorite breed.

We would like to present to you, how we perceive these unique creatures.
See what makes Russian Blue Cats so special:




Russian Blue Cats have extremely shiny plush double fur. After reaching maturity, their eyes turn green. In combination with silvering fur, they look just beautiful.




In our opinion, this is an extraordinary breed. Not only because of their appearance, but above all their character and behaviour. It is safe to say that this blue soft cuddly critter is a man’s great friend. Their disposition and attachment to the owner definitely distinguishes them from other cat breeds. Both my husband and I had dogs and cats in our childhood, but none of the breeds made such an impression on us as the Russian Blue Cats. Therefore, with full confidence, we can say that in this respect "Russians" outrun even dogs, which usually are considered to be man’s best friends.




You must earn a trust of a Russian cat and care for it. At the beginning, such a cat trusts you with a lot of confidence. Its feelings can be compared to the well-known "first love", and you must not waste it! The built bond is extremely strong and devoted. We were lucky, because our cats chose us, not the other way around. When we visited their first home, they came to us and charmed us. I was enchanted by Elena, and my husband by Europa. The original intention was to take only one cat. However, we were not able to reject their courtship nor to agree on which one is more wonderful. And we came back home with two cats. Ties created at that moment are visible ever since. We even notice that when it comes to relations or obedience, Elena listens more to me and Europa more to my husband J


Emotional sensitivity


Blue Russian Cat does not suppress its feelings. It often hugs, loves to be petted and fondled. It eagerly spends time on the shoulder of its master. I have noticed that often when my husband performs domestic duties, the cat supports him by sitting calmly on his arm. My favorite way of how these cats show affection is a wake-up call, which consists in purring and tapping the nose on my cheek or forehead. Russian cats miss their master and should not be left alone for long.


Agility and curiosity


There will be no nooks and crannies in the house / flat that these cats will not find. They are very interested in the world that surrounds them. Therefore, they are happy to explore it, finding shelters and places to rest. In the breaks between blissful laziness, they love to play with small toys. They are energetic and lively – when playing with a fishing rod, they can easily make a somersault in the air. It is surprising with how much grace they are moving. This allows them to conquer the tops of our furniture almost noiselessly and harmlessly.




They easily communicate with household members. They immediately catch simple tricks while playing. They learn quickly what they can and cannot do. When teaching them domestic rules, one can certainly be astonished by the pride of Russian cats and the fact that they do not like to make mistakes. Even if they blunder or somehow act foolishly, they can get embarrassed and will immediately correct themselves to remove the bad impression. Observing this, one can have a good laugh.

Interesting facts


We decided to tie up our lives with Russian Blue Cats not only for the sake of their disposition and beauty, but also because of their interesting and not always fortunate history. Here are some facts about them:


- The legend of the magic of silver cats was created at the courts of the Russian tsars who, fascinated by the warmth and gentle nature of these animals, placed them in children's chambers to drive away evil spirits from future magnates.


- The ancestors of Elena and Europa were common guests on trade ships, on which in the nineteenth century they travelled with sailors to almost all corners of the world.


- Thus, thanks to the British sailors there is a belief that a blue friend from Arkhangelsk will bring prosperity, happiness, and peace to the home in which it lives.


-  During World War II, the breed of Archangel Cats (as they are sometimes called) was saved from extinction almost at the last moment by the British breeders.

- The blue critter touched the heart of and accompanied, among others, Tsar Nicholas II, Queen Victoria and our idol, John Paul II.


We belong to:

World Cat Federation,

is the largest Feline Federation in the world. It brings together nearly half a thousand clubs from around the world, from all continents.

PZF Polish Felinology Federation is the oldest and most recognized club of breeders of pedigree cats under the auspices of WCF in Poland!

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