Russian Blue Cattery

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We give love, time and attention to our cats, therefore kittens coming out of our cattery will be:


- wonderfully socialized
- taught to use a scratcher and a cuvette
- vaccinated and dewormed
- chipped


Kittens leave the cattery on the 12/13th week of life to get all the necessary skills from their mother and aunt.


To the future kitten owners we offer help and advice at every stage of the kitten's life.

Each kitten will receive:


- purchase agreement
- pedigree of the international WCF federation
- health book
- layette:
   - pet food, to which the kitten is used
   - toys it likes
   - a blanket on which it slept, so that it would be easier for the kitten to get used to the new home.













rosyjski niebieski


                                     Litters from our breeding:






We belong to:

World Cat Federation,

is the largest Feline Federation in the world. It brings together nearly half a thousand clubs from around the world, from all continents.

PZF Polish Felinology Federation is the oldest and most recognized club of breeders of pedigree cats under the auspices of WCF in Poland!


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