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The Ten Cat’s Commandments 

I. Be aware


A cat is an animal and nothing animal is alien to it. If you value perfect order, limited housework, furniture in unchanged, a perfect condition without scratches, think twice if you really need an animal to be happy.


When you have a pet, a lot can happen, and not even by the malice of an animal, but rather stress, simple curiosity or error in the calculation of the flight trajectory when jumping J


No matter how much effort you put in a cat layette, i.e. blankets or bedding, the cat will always find the place that suits it best, because it knows better. So do not be surprised if instead of a wicker bed it will choose a rug in the bathroom for an afternoon nap.

II. Be loyal  


If you decided to buy a cat, be aware that it is a living being. This plushie trusted you and puts a lot of hope in you to offer it a peaceful and pleasant life.



III. Get to know  the personality of your friend and develop it


A cat is a very intelligent creature that has its cravings, weaknesses and even sulks. Spend time with it and pay attention to what it enjoys and what it hates. Getting to know and raising a cat is very much like with a child. The sooner you start, the sooner you discover its preferences and teach it the values or behaviors you value. You must know that a cat quickly learns what it can and cannot do. It is very interested in what is forbidden. You should remember about being consequent, for example, in not letting the cat jump on the table during meals. A cat will from time to time check whether the ban still applies :)

IV. Play with your cat


Nothing teaches nor tightens bonds like having fun together. In our opinion, rods with feathers are the best. A cat is able to hunt a flying feather attached to the rod until it loses its strength. Your cat does not need toys for hundreds of dollars. You will be surprised that sometimes even cardboard packaging can give your cat more joy than an expensive interactive toy. However, the easiest way to bring your cat some joy is the most ordinary ball from crumpled paper. All you have to do is drop it and you can watch the hunt for a paper prey that has no chance with our tiger.


V. Let them scratch


Whether you like it or not, the cat will scratch. It must do this to preserve the hygiene of its claws. The best way to control this behavior is to get a scratcher. The higher the better. The more hiding places it has, the more interesting it will be for a cat. You can buy a scratcher or make it yourself.


VI. Ensure safety 


Cats are curious sneakers, which cannot resist the urge to explore.

Make sure that the windows and, above all, the balcony are properly protected before you allow your cat to use them. It is not true that cats always fall on four legs! On the market, you can find a lot of securing devices for tilting windows. For sure also in your area, there is a company that installs balcony nets or screens. If the operation of securing the balcony does not require climbing skills, you can also install the net yourself. They can be easily purchased online.

Make sure to hide the electric wires and secure the electrical sockets.
Store drugs and chemicals in a place that is inaccessible to your cat.
Contain potentially dangerous items, i.e. needles, erasers, safety pins, etc. immediately after use.

VII. Serve healthy food


There is a belief that cats are hard to cheat and will not eat anything. The truth is that, as in the case of human food, producers stuff the food with various specifics, which names are hard to pronounce, and their smell and taste make food appear to be very attractive. Do not be fooled by the TV commercials. Pay attention to the composition of the feed you buy. In the feeds most popular on the market, the amount of artificial additives is limited, but they are replaced with cereals. You should know that the more cereal is in your cat's food the more harm it causes. Cats simply do not digest it.  Choose the feed consciously making sure that it does not contain additives or cereals. Also, pay attention to the percentage of meat. Alternatively, it is worth to prepare your own domestic food, for example, from boiled meat. Your cat will certainly appreciate it.


VIII. Health first and foremost


Take care of your pet's health. You are all your cat has, so pay attention not only to the food you provide it but also to its quantity. Domestic kittens can quickly become overweight if their owner is overly generous. Remember that every kitten needs to go to the vet once in a while to get the necessary vaccines, deworming and health assessment. Similarly as in the case of people, the saying: "prevention is better than cure" applies.

IX. Watch out for plants


Think twice when buying plants that you will grow at home. Some of them (popular in our houses) can be very harmful to your kitten, which may be biting plants available at home.


List of harmful plants is available at this link [LINK]


Biting plants is a matter of instinct and cannot be eliminated. Cats are unconsciously looking for something green to cleanse the digestive system and simultaneously to care for the immune system. A sensational way to make it easier for your kitten is to sow plants like oats at your home. You will get them at every bazaar, and you can put it in any container. Your cat will be very grateful for that.




X. Maintain cleanliness


Cats are clean creatures. They do not need sterile living conditions, but the owner must first of all take care of the cleanliness of the cuvette. Failure to keep the general order at home can come back at you at night with the sound of paper shuffling on the floor, which will not let you sleep :)

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